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Roll of horse and oak branch and leaf patterned wallpaper by equine artist Danielle Demers.


icon & muse

Art, textiles, and objects that celebrate a shared love of horses.

For The Desk


The ancient art of handwriting letters in the modern day should feel like an elegant occasion.

Foil stamped cards, wax seals & gift tags.

Small illustration of a horse by equine artist Danielle Demers.


Wanderlust Wallpaper

The Wanderlust wallpaper collection is inspired by countryside walks and historic gardens, ranging from the wild to the highly cultivated and artfully arranged. At its core – and as always in my work – this collection is built around a love of horses.

Printed to order in Los Angeles.

Photograph of a delicate line drawing of a horse styled over antique billheads. Drawn by equine artist Danielle Demers.
Small horse illustration by equine artist Danielle Demers

Delicate, yet Bold

The "Lines" Studies

These simple studies hold their own beauty and vitality. They are delicate, understated, and timeless in the wonderful way quick gesture drawings often are.

Available in 6 sizes.

Small illustration of a fox by artist Danielle Demers

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Photo of a collection of framed prints of detailed graphite drawings of horses by equine artist Danielle Demers.


Conformation (In Focus)

I hope these pieces evoke crisp mornings, the smell of fresh hay, the familiar beat of steel-shod hooves, steam rising from velvet nostrils, and shavings stuck in rumpled tails... Moments we will always carry with us, whether the last time we spent time at the barn was 10 minutes or a decade ago.

Printed to order in house on lush 100% cotton art paper. Available in 3 standard sizes.

Close up photograph to show the detail in a mixed media drawing of a horse by equine artist Danielle Demers.

Timeless & Expressive

"Lines" Print Collection

An ode to the beauty, honesty, and sense of belonging and identity we find in horses. These drawings make my heart sing. Each drawing shows the entire process — from broad mapping, to the tiniest flick of a line that gives the eye expression — every mark is there.

Nothing is erased.

Perfect for pairing or creating a gallery wall.

IG @danielle.demers