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All photos on this page by Nicole Gearty Photography

I’m Danielle Demers, an artist, surface pattern designer, and art director living on the southern coast of Maine with my husband and little boy.

Leading a creative life rooted in a world of horses is so fulfilling; reflecting a perfect intertwining of my greatest passions.

My grandmother, a talented artist herself, instilled a deep love of art within me when I was just three, or possibly four, years old. I remember spending many lovely afternoons with her, learning to draw and marveling at her work.

My love for horses began even earlier; most likely the moment my parents first took me to meet their Quarter Horse, Jessie, at the barn where he was boarded (I resembled the heart-eyes emoji the second I laid eyes on him).

Crafting each collection is an absolute joy. Thank you for taking the time to experience them with me. And, as we probably share a few of the same passions, please feel free to get in touch, or say hello on Instagram!