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Equestrian foil stamped stationery featuring horse motifs and thank you text. Designed by equine artist Danielle Demers

The art of the ‘Thank You’ note: How to properly thank those in your equestrian world

While I do not currently own a horse, as a past horse owner, I know that as horse people, we are fortunate to have many people to thank for playing a part in our and our horses’ lives. From our equine caregivers to trainers and vets, we have many occasions to show gratitude. 

But not knowing exactly what to say can make a blank card feel intimidating. Next time you need to write a ‘thank you’ note, follow these easy steps:

  1. Greet your recipient. “Dear [name]” works fine.

  2. Start your note with the most important words: “Thank you for …”

  3. Restate what they did that you appreciate. For example, “Thank you for taking great care of my horse while I was on vacation.”

  4. Tell them the impact their actions had on your life, and try to be as specific as possible. “Knowing my horse was in capable hands let me fully enjoy time with my family at the beach these past few days. It was such a relief that I could give my kids my undivided attention.”

  5. Nod to the future. If they’re a friend or acquaintance, you can say you’re looking forward to seeing them soon or, if you don’t yet have plans, take the opportunity to suggest a coffee date. If the relationship is more distant or professional, you can make their day by saying, “You’re the only [equine caregiver/farrier/etc.] I’ll ever use!”

  6. Close the note with your regards — “Sincerely,” “Warmly,” or “Yours truly” — and sign your name or your family’s name, if you’re writing on behalf of your loved ones.

Tip: Your card is only as beautiful as your writing! Use a high-quality pen with black ink for a classic, sophisticated look.

It’s best to give a thank you note within one month of an occasion. If you have time, it’s also most polite to mail your card; particularly today, with snail mail becoming nearly extinct, people like to receive a sweet surprise in their mailbox. 

But if you’re out of time or stamps — and if the note is for a person you see regularly, such as your trainer — you can hand-deliver the note instead.

A thoughtful, beautiful thank you card can speak volumes more than an extravagant gift. Taking the time to write a few words of thanks and appreciation leaves an indelible impression on the recipient — and is certainly more elegant than a simple text or email ‘thanks.’

Equestrian thank you cards featuring foil stamped horse motifs and 'thank you' text. Designed by equine artist Danielle Demers

I offer bespoke equestrian-theme ‘Thank You’ correspondence cards in my shop for these occasions here and here. If you would like to also use my cards for other purposes, there are several blank correspondence card options available.

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