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5 Creative Uses of Gift Tags

5 Creative Uses of Gift Tags

(Read until the end for a little surprise, from me to you.)

A gift tag on a present is like a signature on a hand-written letter — it elevates the presentation and suggests thoughtfulness. These gift-giving decorations are essential to adding personalization to any present. 

Beyond adorning gifts, however, bespoke gift tags are miniature works of art. These tiny canvases can add a touch of luxury to many different crafts and projects. 

Here are some of my favorite ways to use gift tags creatively: 

1. Luxurious bookmark

If you know me, you know I’m always working my way through a novel, picking it up in the evening when the day’s work is finished. A gift tag is the perfect bookmark to save my place until tomorrow, and the tag’s ribbon peeking out of the pages is the perfect touch.

2. Labels for homemade treats

Organizing with custom labels adds a touch of elegance to daily life. I love repurposing gift tags as labels for homemade treats I gift to family, friends, my son's teachers, and neighbors. It’s a thoughtful touch on a jar of homemade jam or freshly baked bread.

3. Unique ornaments

Gift tags are ornaments for presents, so why not use them as ornaments for your tree? High-quality card stock gift tags have enough weight to hang beautifully from the branches of your tree. Use them on your Christmas tree or other special occasions. My bunny gift tags or fox and hare set would be perfect for an Easter tree.

4. Dinner table place cards

The thick card stock of a luxury gift tag makes for the perfect table place card at your event. Whether it’s an equestrian-themed wedding, a horse charity gala, or an intimate dinner party, the cards make for beautiful little details to be noted and remembered by your guests.

5. Party Garland & Bunting 

String them together to make a crafty garland for your next party. They look stunning when bunted and laid over a ribbon garland. There are countless occasions for this attention-grabbing decor, from a Kentucky Derby party, a kid’s birthday party, or a baby shower.

TIP: Craft the ribbon garland using a combination of baker's twine, thrifted ribbon, and the original velvet ribbon included in the gift tag set. If you are tight on time, ribbon garlands can also be purchased via Etsy. This Kentucky Derby party themed garland and bunting uses one set of my "A Good Horse" gift tags in cream.


All my gift tags are hand-drawn designs and foil-stamped by hand in small batches by me. I use thick 111lb card stock, which makes them perfect for crafts that will stand the test of time. Their shimmery details — gold eyelets and metallic foil — are pulled together with a delicate velvet ribbon. With a variety of colors, shapes of tags, and animals, the combinations are endlessly personalizable. 

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