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Bespoke English Countryside Equestrian Wallpaper: Behind the Scenes

Bespoke English Countryside Equestrian Wallpaper: Behind the Scenes

My first premium wallpaper collection, “Wanderlust” embodies the equestrian English countryside aesthetic with hand-drawn horse motifs that bring a unique touch of horse lover luxury to your home.

My husband and I lived in London for three years. We spent our weekends in the countryside, taking long walks and touring historic homes and estates, and I fell in love with the English country home aesthetic. 

The Wanderlust wallpaper collection is inspired by these countryside vistas and historic gardens, ranging from the wild to the highly cultivated and artfully arranged. At its core – and as always in my work – this collection is built around a love of horses.

It took me one year to bring this hand-drawn wallpaper collection to life. I played with my newfound love for making patterns… sketching and drawing, refining each motif, meticulously digitizing the design, and testing samples until I had the perfect final product for you.

Horse aesthetic wallpaper: 4 patterns. 10 colorways. All horses.

The result of my labor of love is four unique equestrian designs curated with a cozy yet elevated countryside home aesthetic in mind. The ten versatile colorways, ranging from soft creams to lavish jewel tones, are consciously created to suit all homes, tastes, and spaces.

Amongst the Oaks — horse exploring nature, large motif wallpaper

The entire collection started with this pattern “Amongst the Oaks.” It was the first finalized pattern I created after completing an immersive pattern design course. I shared the design with you on Instagram before I even imagined what it would become, and you answered for me: it had to be a wallpaper.

The design is of a sleek horse with a curious eye walking through a lush landscape of ancient oak trees. It is a wild, verdant scene of an untamed autumn countryside. 

This wallpaper is available in dark green, light green, and maroon. 

My favorite is Amongst the Oaks in Bordeaux, a deep wine color. I love how moody this colorway is — it’s perfect for small spaces with soft, warm lighting and a cozy spot to cuddle up with a book and cup of tea.

Horse art and toile wallpaper from equine artist available in deep green earth

Amongst the Oaks in Deep Green Earth

Horse art and toile wallpaper from equine artist available in green clay

Amongst the Oaks in Green Clay

Horse art and toile wallpaper from equine artist available in bordeaux

Amongst the Oaks in Bordeaux

Countryside Toile — horse in rolling countryside, large motif toile de Jouy wallpaper

My bestselling wallpaper pattern is Countryside Toile. This design, structured as a classic toile de Jouy, is specifically influenced by the Cotswolds, a favorite place my family still returns to.

The Countryside Toile design captures a thriving spring scene in the classic English country style. This pattern has delightful surprises to discover, such as a sly fox, a curious hare, and butterflies flitting among the lavender and bluebells.

Available in cream, warm grey, and moss brown, the toile wallpaper’s design is brought to life with rich accent tones of forest green foliage and the warm chestnut mare.

Horse art and toile de jouy wallpaper from equine artist available in cream

Countryside Toile in Cream

Horse art and toile de Jouy wallpaper from equine artist available in warm grey

Countryside Toile in Warm Grey

Horse art and toile de Jouy wallpaper from equine artist available in moss brown

Countryside Toile in Moss Brown

Willow Shade: Horse & Hare — horse and rabbit in a lush willow tree-shaded landscape, large motif wallpaper

This pattern is one of my most intricate, with the soft strokes of the willow leaves and finely articulated details of the horse. I enjoy dreaming up stories about this whimsical, restful scene with the horse — so eye-catching with white stockings and blaze — and the hare hopping amongst lavender and wildflowers.

“Willow Shade: Horse & Hare” is available in two distinct colors with completely different auras. 

The warm grey with accents in pink and muted gold has a soft aesthetic. It works perfectly in a horse-themed nursery. 

The deep tone of the violet navy, detailed in lilac and brilliant gold, looks opulent in an English country-inspired bedroom filled with rich tones and mixed patterns and textures.

Horse art and toile wallpaper from equine artist available in

Willow Shade: Horse & Hare in Violet Navy

Horse art and toile wallpaper from equine artist available in warm grey

Willow Shade: Horse & Hare in Warm Grey

Heirloom & Heritage — horseshoe and horse head hitching post, small motif

The only small motif wallpaper in the Wanderlust collection is “Heirloom & Heritage,” a repeating 2”x2” pattern alternating between a lucky antique horseshoe and a relic of our equestrian past: the horse head sculpture from the top of a Victorian hitching post. This motif is perfect for horse lovers and their families, with its classic New England heritage aesthetic giving it a universal appeal. 

Heirloom & Heritage is available in bold mustard and muted green. The dainty patterned wallpaper is perfect for smaller spaces, like a laundry closet or bathroom.

 Horse art and toile wallpaper from equine artist available in gamboge yellow

Heirloom & Heritage in Gamboge Yellow

Horse art and toile wallpaper from equine artist available in green clay

Heirloom & Heritage in Green Clay

Discover the full wallpaper collection and order samples.

Eco-friendly wallpaper & sustainable printing

All wallpaper is eco-friendly and printed to order in Los Angeles. 

This premium wallpaper is sustainable and recyclable. 

It has a lovely heavy-weight hand feel. The paper is a thick traditional, non-pasted wallpaper with a gorgeous matte finish. Sample swatches can be ordered for every pattern so you can see and feel this wallpaper in person before ordering full rolls. 

Custom, made-to-order wallpaper prints mean that there can be subtle shifts in color from one print to another. I recommend ordering all yardage at the same time to ensure color consistency across your walls.


  • Yardage is shipped at the full 54” paper width, which trims to two side-by-side 24” width rolls.
  • Sustainable, eco-friendly, recyclable, low VOC wallcovering.
  • Eco-friendly, non-VOC ink is scratch and fade-resistant and suitable for all interior environments.
  • The added selvage provides extra protection during shipping.
  • Non-woven, non-PVC product made with a wood pulp/natural fiber technology containing FSC-sourced materials.
  • A highly breathable surface increases resistance to mold and mildew.
  • Complies with California 1350 standards for air quality.
  • Class A ASTM-E84 fire rating.


How much wallpaper do I need?

I always recommend working with a professional installer for the most accurate measure of how many yards of wallpaper you will need for your project.

If you’re DIY-ing your wallpaper, you can estimate how many rolls you may need with this formula:

Measure the length of each wall you plan on wallpapering in inches (rounding up). Each roll is 24" wide trimmed. Divide the total length by 24". Round up to the next whole number. 

For example, a 132" wall ÷ by 24" = 5.5, rounded up = 6 rolls. Order length depends on ceiling height.

Ordering 20-30% more than you expect to use is often suggested.

Rolls are sold in the standard 9' and 12' lengths. The minimum order is two 9' rolls (6 yards/18' total).

If you need rolls longer than 12' in length, we can custom-order them. Please email me to place an order for a custom length.

Please note that an $80 set-up fee will be charged for orders totaling 12 yards or less. This fee is included in the shipping charge for these orders.

Tell me about shipping

Roll lead time: 3 weeks + transit time

In stock samples ship directly from Danielle Demers Studio within 1 week of ordering.

Orders of 30 yards or more ship free.

Within the Continental U.S.: Wallpaper will ship directly from the printer in Los Angeles. Shipping includes insurance. Please note that the package will be oversized to accommodate the 54" untrimmed roll width.

International/Outside Continental U.S.: Please email if you are located outside the U.S. and would like to place an order for wallpaper. A custom shipping quote will be provided.

Shop the collection.

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